Integrity, Values, Stewardship
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Core Values

We aspire to operate in a way that honors the Lord Jesus Christ as demonstrated through Ethics, Integrity, and Stewardship.

Our past success can be credited to a foundation of good people who firmly believed in our Core Values

Our future success depends on each team member and family member continuing to be led by our Core Values and continuing to carry our legacy forward.

It is our expectation that each team member, every manager, and each and every family member will firmly adhere to our Core Values, helping to carry forth our unique culture that builds unity and loyalty both to the company and to each other.

I’ll do what I say…even when no one is looking

  • Truthfulness in all business dealings
  • Respect for diversity and each individual
  • Operate in a way that promotes a culture of safety

I’ll do the right thing and speak the truth, even when it hurts

  • There are no gray areas when it comes to business dealings
  • Earning a profit must never come at the expense of compromising our ethics

I’ll build a foundation for the future

  • Caring for our environment through innovative ways of preserving our water, land and air quality
  • Giving back to the community through volunteering, product and monetary donations
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